Understanding Tail Lifts: What They Are and When You Really Need One

What is a Tail Lift?

Silhouette of logistics workers with a truck and tail lift.
Silhouette depiction of logistics workers loading a truck using a tail lift.

The Mechanics: How Does a Tail Lift Work?

When Do You Need a Tail Lift?

1. When Handling Heavy Items

2. For Business Deliveries

3. When Accessibility is a Challenge

4. For Specialised Goods

Black delivery truck with a reflective striped tail lift extended
Black delivery truck featuring a tail lift with reflective safety stripes, ready for safe loading and unloading.

What Kingston Logistics Offers

Safety Measures

Red logistics truck with a deployed metal liftgate.
A red logistics truck equipped with a sturdy metal liftgate, showcasing its capacity for heavy-duty loading.


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