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Welcome to our Case Studies section! Here, you’ll find real-life examples showcasing how we’ve helped businesses like yours solve their logistical challenges. From speeding up delivery processes to expertly handling large, heavy, or sensitive items. Our case studies offer an insider’s look into the strategies that have led to our client’s success. If you’re considering outsourcing your logistics needs but want some concrete evidence of the benefits, you’ve come to the right place. So dive in to see how our tailored solutions can add value to your business operations.

A picrute of flowers at the Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2023

Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2023

16 Oversized and sensitive Muybride fabrications delivered safely and ready for installation
Logistics Project Plan Created
Risk Assessment completed
Vehicle, Equipment, and Team provided

For the Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2023, Kingston Logistics faced the challenging task of delivering 16 oversized and sensitive Muybridge Horse fabrications. Due to the unique size of the pieces, a non-standard vehicle was required for transportation. Our services began with the development of a customised Logistics Project Plan. Therefore we detailing the steps for safe and efficient delivery and installation. An in-depth Risk Assessment was also carried out to anticipate and mitigate any potential issues. Equipped with a specialised vehicle, state-of-the-art equipment, and an experienced team, we ensured that the Muybridge Horse fabrications arrived safely and were ready for immediate installation. This case study illustrates how our logistics solutions can meet and solve your business’s specific challenges. From initial planning to successful execution.

Working with you has been a pleasure!

Thank you for providing a trustworthy service with a great team
Salah Krichen
Co-founder 121 Collective

In a challenging mission to deliver 28 oversized and sensitive art installations to a high-risk, hard-to-reach location at Esher Train Station, Kingston Logistics demonstrated unparalleled expertise. To begin with a detailed Logistics Project Plan was devised and executed. Following that we featured an advanced Risk Assessment to navigate the complex requirements of the project. As a result specialist equipment was prepared to ensure the safe transportation and installation of each art piece. Ultimately, all installations were successfully delivered and set up, reiterating our capacity to solve even the most complicated logistics challenges.

Esher Train Station Display Installation

28 Oversized and sensitive art installations delivered safely to a high-risk, difficult to access location location
Advanced Risk Assessment Completed
Specialist Equipment Prepared
Logistics Project Plan Implemented

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